XR7 7V Battery Heated Motorcycle Gloves



Gerbing’s award winning motorcycle ‘top of the range’ innovative and revolutionary European patent pending new Microwire® heated gloves.



These new XR7 electric heated gloves are fitted with extra protection on the fingers and knuckles and are made of drum dyed premium leather. A layer of sophisticated textile protects the palm of the hands and all fingers. We have added even more protection on the knuckles to safeguard from harm in the case of an accident. All of our electric heated gloves are manufactured using Gerbing’s patented Microwire heating technology. This is the same technology developed for the US Military to help keep warm even in extremely cold weather conditions.

The batteries fit neatly and comfortably into the zipped pouch on the cuff of the glove so you don’t have to worry about loose cables. A push button on the outside of the cuff allows you to select your own personal level of thermal comfort without taking your electric heated gloves off. This button has three settings:

  • Green 33%: 8 hours
  • Amber 66%: 5 hours
  • Red 100%: 2 hours

The gloves are supplied with 2 x 2.2amp 7V batteries and charger. There is also the option to upgrade to a more powerful 3.4amp battery set giving you extra heat power for those longer rides out.


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