TEX12 Textile Heated Gloves


A lightweight, textile, waterproof glove using an Hipora® breathable membrane which will keep your hands warm and dry.



This glove is suitable for scooters, quads or other low speed vehicles. Not recommended for high speed vehicles as there is limited impact protection built in. These heated gloves use a contoured fitting stretch Cordura™ fabric, which gives the gloves a snug fit. These particular heated gloves are designed for multiple tasks.

  • Heats entire length of each finger all around, including the thumb, as well as the back of the hand.
  • Our European patent pending Microwire® heat technology is incorporated in these heated gloves, making it the most efficient and durable heating technology ever developed.
  • Lifetime warranty on the heating elements.
  • Gloves are supplied with a battery hook-up and inline Junior Temperature controller to adjust the heat when connected to a vehicles battery.
  • You can also power the gloves with an optional battery kit either the
  • B12v-5200 or the B12v-8000. If using these kits you will also need a long Y-cable (see accessories) as the junior controller is incompatible with these particular battery kits.


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