T-12 Heated Gloves (Hybrid Power)

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Gerbing’s Hybrid gloves offer the best of two worlds. If you’re cruising for hours, just connect these heated gloves directly to your vehicles battery using the supplied battery harness and junior controller. Alternatively, if you are just riding for an hour or so then plug in the optional small rechargeable 12v Lithium portable batteries. This also enables the user to keep the benefit of heated gloves away from the vehicle. These batteries have three heat settings and will power the gloves for up to 3 hours.

Battery Cable and Junior Controller (12V) included.

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A comfortable heated glove made with exceptionally soft and supple drum-dyed premium full aniline leather that contours to the hand. The design is sleek, stylish and very functional; a light but strong and pliable glove which will give the touring rider the best possible heated glove in the world. The T-12 heated gloves are waterproof, windproof and still breathable due to the Hipora ® liner. This provides protection from wind and rain. The use of Stainless Steel Microwire® heating makes this the most durable glove in the world. The T-12 heats up within seconds and warms the entire length of each finger, including the thumb. It also has an adjustable wrist enclosure.

  • Extra protection at the top of the hand.
  • Thinsulate® insulation and brushed liner for added warmth and comfort.
  • Microwire® Heating Technology.
  • Lifetime warranty on the heating elements.

Gloves are supplied with battery hook-up and inline Junior Temperature controller to adjust the heat when connected to a vehicles battery.


1 review for T-12 Heated Gloves (Hybrid Power)

  1. Paul

    I bought my T-12s last year at the NEC Motorcycle show and used them throughout the winter. I’ve got 4 pairs of gloves, 2 being for winter. The other winter pair are Hein Gericke two finger (sloth) variety. I don’t have the battery pack for the T12s.

    I have found the T12s excellent – very comfortable and much more effective than heated grips. I am happy with the purchase. They aren’t waterproof but if it rains long and hard enough and they get soaked through, my hands still stay warm – if a little poached. I also have got the heated jacket so the wires for the gloves run within the sleeves. This works well although having to plug in the gloves to the dangling wire at the jacket cuff is a pain. I added elastic to the wires so they pop back up into the cuff when I take off the gloves and that works well. The major drawback with Gerbing is the controller – as well as the dual controller (deals with jacket and gloves together) I also have a single controller which is a lot slimmer than the dual unit. I have seen in USA retailers some handlebar mounted controllers (working by RF I think) which would be great. With the Gerbing single garment control unit it dangles just below the bottom of my jacket and to adjust the temperature I need to stop – not ideal as a high setting is brilliant when setting out on a cold morning but soon becomes too much.

    I also tried the Gerbing heated “undergloves” which I thought I might be able to mostly keep on and only take off a thick overglove. The Gerbing undergloves are however too thick for this application. Real men who don’t even need heated grips some times take the mick in groups – but often ask when no-one else is listening. Heated clothing is in my view a no brainer and transformed my winter biking experience.

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