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The 12V heated Jacket liner is designed to be easily worn under outer garments and with just a single layer underneath.


Our 12V heated jacket liner with it’s unique heating system allows you to wear your existing outerwear whilst providing an even distribution of warmth throughout the body. There is over 30 meters of heating wire in our heated jacket. We guarantee you that you will be kept warm even in arctic temperatures!

Constructed from a soft, wind-resistant nylon shell, this tailored jacket is designed to be a lightweight and highly compressible garment – the perfect items to pack for those trips with unpredictable weather conditions.

  • Heating pads on the chest, back, collar, and sleeves.
  • Compressible, water-repellent, durable, Thinsulate® insulation soft shell.
  • Water repellant zip
  • Inside and outside pockets.
  • Silky soft micro denier collar.
  • Contrast stitching
  • Firm-fitting patterns and sizing to fit snugly and easily under your outer motorcycle garments.
  • Built in sleeve plugs to enable Gerbing gloves to be directly fitted to the liner.
  • Glove plug pockets in sleeves to secure the glove plugs when not in use.
  • 2 dual wiring circuits to enable gloves and any other Gerbing product to be controlled independently from the jacket.
  • Lifetime warranty on heating elements.
  • Battery Harness included



1 review for Heated Jacket Liner

  1. Paul

    I bought this jacket last year along with a pair of Gerbing T-12 gloves last year at the NEC Motorcycle show and used them throughout the winter.

    The jacket will keep your warm in on the coldest day. I got one so I could ride to meetings in London (about 90 mins ride mostly on the motorway ) with a suit underneath. It saved dealing with lots of bulky insulation when I arrived so I could leave panniers behind at home. My issue with this jacket is that it seems to be designed so it can pass as an outer garment. It is reasonably smart (apart from the Gerbing badge (rubber) and the stretchy panel around the waist which feels a bit cheap/insubstantial) and is finished in a smart soft shell material. It feels quite thick and on the bulky side to go under a biking jacket. Also to work as a heated jacket it wants to be tight (a medium for me) but as an outer jacket medium looks like it’s sprayed on and large is the required size. Another issue is that the inside is lined with a plasticy material like nylon – I’m sure its not nylon but some modern better version. It still feels not nice though and I’m guessing its either to electrically double insulate the wearer from the wiring or (more probably) to provide a rain proof layer. My view is this jacket is truing to do too much. When I bought the jacket I wanted something with heated sleeves but if I was buying again, I think I’d forgo the sleeves and get a thinner waistcoat style heated garment. But when its really cold, the heated collar and heated arms are great.

    I have found the T12s excellent – very comfortable and much more effective than heated grips. I am happy with the purchase. They aren’t waterproof but if it rains long and hard enough and they get soaked through, my hands still stay warm – if a little poached. I also have got the heated jacket so the wires for the gloves run within the sleeves. This works well although having to plug in the gloves to the dangling wire at the jacket cuff is a pain. I added elastic to the wires so they pop back up into the cuff when I take off the gloves and that works well. The major drawback with Gerbing is the controller – as well as the dual controller (deals with jacket and gloves together) I also have a single controller which is a lot slimmer than the dual unit. I have seen in USA retailers some handlebar mounted controllers (working by RF I think) which would be great. With the Gerbing single garment control unit it dangles just below the bottom of my jacket and to adjust the temperature I need to stop – not ideal as a high setting is brilliant when setting out on a cold morning but soon becomes too much.

    I also tried the Gerbing heated “undergloves” which I thought I might be able to mostly keep on and only take off a thick overglove. The Gerbing undergloves are however too thick for this application. Real men who don’t even need heated grips some times take the mick in groups – but often ask when no-one else is listening. Heated clothing is in my view a no brainer and transformed my winter biking experience.

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